My code does not work

Due to the migration from our registration platform MaxFun to Ticket Socket, some codes may be unusable.
If your code is not usable, please inform our customer service team, so we can help.

Mistake happens from time to time, so here are some piece of information:

  • Sprint codes do not work in Night Sprint
  • Volunteer-codes are not available in AG. (Register open and transfer than to Elite/AG)
  • Most codes from cancelled races are bound to the country of the cancelled race. Make sure to use your code in the correct country
  • Make sure to not have spaces before or behind your code
  • Code using is unique. If you want to register 2 persons with 2 codes, you have to do this one by one and not in one booking for both together.

In Switzerland events, only CHF amounts and Promotion/Marketing codes are usable.
If you have a percent code which should be available for Switzerland races, please contact Switzerland customer service.

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