What Are the General Rules regarding My Rewards For Working As A Volunteer In The TWC 2023?

As a thank you for your help, you will receive a free start for your day as a
volunteer + Other rewards!

General Info about the Free Starts:

  • The free start is only valid for a future race. (Spartan will inform you
    if there are event specific exceptions)
  • Free starts can be exchanged and given away.
  • The sale of the coupon code is prohibited. if we take notice of that, thecode will be blocked and the registration will be cancelled (also for the buyer). It is also forbidden to buy a volunteer-code.


When and for which races the Free Codes are valid for?

  • All Race Free codes will be valid for all WEU countries (In DE / AT / NL /
    ESP / AND / IT / FRA) that MUST be used within 12 months after the day
    you volunteered, BUT NOT including the Trifecta World Championship
    event on any other Championship event.


  • On the day of your volunteer assignment, you must register with the
    volunteer coordinator in the morning and unsubscribe at the end of the
    shift. Only then you will receive your free start and other rewards.
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