TWC 2022 Qualification Rules & Trifecta Year

Sparta is home to the Trifecta World Championship. This event is exclusively for Trifecta finishers and there will be only 2,000 spots available. Registration is first come, first served. Sign up here!


How do I qualify for the 2022 Trifecta World Championship?

You are qualified for the TWC 2022 IF:

1.All Athletes who were qualified by any way for the TWC 2021, will be qualified for the TWC 2022 (see below how you could be qualified for the TWC 2021).

  • You completed a Trifecta within the 2019 Trifecta Qualification Year (From 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019)
  • You completed or will complete a Trifecta within the extended 2021 Qualification Year (From November 4th 2019 to November 4th 2021) 
  • You completed a Virtual Trifecta during the VR 2.0 during the weekend of August 22nd – 23rd 2020 and you earned your qualification to TWC 2020.
  • You have  completed a Virtual Trifecta during the 2021 Virtual Trifecta World Championship  - November 6th to 15th 2020

2.All Athletes who were not qualified yet  for the TWC 2021 or are newly registered for the TWC 2022 event will have to follow the rule as follows:

  • You need 1 Trifecta between the period From November 4th 2019 to November 4th 2021 OR November 8th 2021 – November 3rd 2022.

You can sign up prior to earning your Trifecta but must complete it prior to November 1st 2021. Anyone signed up for this event who has not completed a TRIFECTA will be removed from Trifecta World Championship ranking WITHOUT a refund on November 1st 2022. By committing to this event, you are committing to a TRIFECTA. Be sure to sign up for your races if you have not done so already. 

Elite, Age Group, and Open racers are welcome. You must be 18 years old on race day to be able to participate in the Trifecta World Championship. This event is meant to celebrate all Trifecta Tribe members. Racers will test their grit to earn unique Trifecta World Championship finisher swag.

Elite and Age Group racers will be eligible for Trifecta World Championship awards and prizes. Rankings will be based on racers’ cumulative time across all three distances. Sunday’s Beast race of the Elite category will feature a staggered Start: racers’ start times will be determined based on their combined time from the Sprint and Super. 

  • The racer with the fastest combined time will start first. 
  • The remaining racers will start based on the time difference between them and the racer with the fastest combined time (For example Joe’s combined race time for the Sprint and super is 2:05:30 and Tom’s time is 2:06:00. This means Joe will start the beast first and Tom will be released 30-seconds later).
  • Any Racer with a combined time more than 15 minutes slower than the leader will be released 15 minutes after the start. 
  • All AGE GROUP brackets will have their own start waves for the Beast.

Prize Money

In addition to the title, top ELITE racers will be battling for their share of $30,000 of prize money.


The Trifecta Year and Awards:

The Trifecta Periods to earn multiple Trifectas for the 2022 TWC are the following:

  • November 5th 2019 - November 7th 2021
  • November 8th 2021 - December 31st 2022

The 2022 Trifecta World Championship WILL count in a racers final 2022 Trifecta count. Please note for the purpose of multiple trifecta medals, standard trifecta years apply; the dates above apply ONLY to your trifecta count at the time of the Trifecta World Championship and the related awards noted below.

During a special award ceremony in Sparta multiple Trifecta holders will receive, apart from their Multiple Trifecta Medals: 

  • Shield (x13+ Trifecta) 
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