Wall of Legends

In 2021, the Spartan Wall of Legends was created, featuring engraved panels that showcase the winners from the 2017,2018 & 2019 Trifecta World Championship. In 2022 and beyond, the wall will also include Spartan Lifetime Trifecta , earners.

Spartans who achieve a Lifetime Trifecta rank of 20x or more will have their name permanently chiselled onto the Trifecta Wall of Legends in the city of Sparta, along with the year they achieved their feat. Each time a Spartan achieves the next level after having passed the 20x Lifetime Trifecta count, their name will be added along with the year of completion.

A person’s name will be added to the wall only once they commit to attend the Trifecta World Championship by registering for the event.

Failing to register for the event means their name shall not be included, and this can not be retroactively added in future years unless they achieve a valid new Lifetime Trifecta rank for that future year.

The overall male and female champions of each year’s Trifecta World Championship will also be etched onto this wall. These will be:

  • Top 3 male Elite finishers
  • Top 3 female Elite finishers
  • Top 3 male Age Group finishers (all 10 age groups)
  • Top 3 female Age Group finishers (all 10 age groups)
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